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GWC Warranty

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You now have a fantastic opportunity if your manufacturer's warranty has already expired. You can add a new service contract warranty that will effectively safeguard your vehicle against any potential future mechanical breakdowns. One Stop Auto Reconditioning takes great pride in offering GWC Warranty, backed by the owner's extensive experience of over 20 years working with GWC for their well-established auto dealership. This experience, previously utilized for vehicles sold through their dealership, is now available for you to benefit from and apply to your own vehicle.

Even the best cars can break down. And as advanced technology components become more common in cars, those unexpected repairs can be costly. Think about how many hours you’d need to work to pay for a repair, or the other important bills you need to pay each month. Can you afford to repair your transmission for $6,000 or more? Or your air conditioner for more than $2,000 or so many other problems. Covering yourself with a vehicle service contract can protect your budget and get you back on the road quickly.

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